Community Development and Human Services
Our team of professionals have broad experience performing audit and consulting services relating to state and local agency human services and community development programs. These include dozens of federal- and state-funded grant programs managed through federal agencies such as the Department of Labor, Housing and Urban Development, Homeland Security, and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, among others. These audits included assessing how well the City administered grant monies and provided oversight to grant sub-recipients, and included affordable housing programs, economic development programs, family development networks, youth development programs, and gang reduction programs, child support services, and children and family service centers, workforce investment programs, and other human service programs such as Women, Infant and Children (WIC).
Environmental Oversight and Regulation

Our team has broad experience helping government agencies assess their compliance with complex, large-scale local, state, and federal environmental rules and regulations as well as evaluating their performance with meeting challenging program goals and objectives.  We also have extensive experience evaluating opportunities for streamlining complex processes while still meeting regulatory requirements and determining the financial viability of the funds supporting environmental programs. Most of the environmental programs we review and assess are highly sensitive multi-million or multi-billion dollar programs with significant public interest and visibility.  The following are just a few of the environmental-related areas where we have conducted performance audits and consulting reviews:

  • Cap and Trade Program
  • Air Pollution Control Program
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
  • Storm Water Permitting and Compliance
  • Underground Storage Tank Program
  • Environmental Mitigation Program
  • Habitat Conservation Fund
Finance and Administration
We are often tasked to assess and evaluate state and local entities' operations in the key business cycles to assist in revamping, updating, and strengthening areas in budget, finance, accounting, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, procurement, contracting, risk assessment, risk management, grant management, and internal controls. In particular, we provide entity-wide and program specific services for budget development, tracking, evaluation, and reporting; financial modeling and forecasting; revenue enhancement or cost cutting; accounting assistance and process fixes; program costing and rate setting; financial modeling and forecasting; treasury operations, investment programs, and bond management; process mapping and gap analysis, internal control reviews; business policy and procedures; regulatory development, assessment, and amendment; fiscal related reviews, forensic audits, fraud examinations and fraud risk assessments.
Our healthcare projects reflect the ever evolving and dynamic environment challenging government today. We offer experience in assessing the implementation, operation and evaluation of a state-level health benefit exchange, full scope review of a statewide Medicaid program, examinations of managed care programs, hospital funding and construction projects, emergency medical services, statewide poison control system and services, regulatory boards including medical, nursing, dental and pharmacy, and specialty projects like health provider scope of practice.
Higher Education

Public sector universities and colleges operate in unique environments. Our experience in this sector includes a variety of areas involving universities and colleges—budgeting and financial operations of large university systems; budget and financial reporting models; unique tuition and state funding approaches; internal lending and capital financing activities; fund balance and fund carryforward provisions; hospital capital construction and funding; overhead allocation and indirect charges; costs relating to specialized degrees; developing new programs and degrees; course fees and other charges; and college and university foundations, among others.

Human Resources and Labor
We offer decades of experience and knowledge in areas of federal, state and local government recruiting, examination and selection, hiring, retention, and professional development plans, mobility, outplacement, and succession planning. Our clients present a variety of personnel environments and challenges such as antiquated and manual process, rigid personnel and classification structures, hybrid personnel systems that include mixes of at-will, collectively-bargained merit service, and contract employees, and challenging labor negotiations and bargaining situations. Past projects include assessments of workforce structure and management, workload studies, realignment of staff to service delivery and accomplishment, classification and compensation studies, executive compensation plans, decisions relative to sworn versus civilian employees, labor negotiations and contract compliance, total compensation and benefit comparisons, workers compensation matters, payroll and human resources information systems, and scope of professional practices.
Justice System and Public Safety
Our expertise in public safety includes a broad range of activities and justice partners, including emergency response and statewide- and local-911 dispatch staffing and operations; law enforcement agency staffing studies and administrative functions; local court operations (including criminal, civil, family, and juvenile courts) and local and statewide administrative courts; the California State Bar and related regulatory functions; and probation and correctional departments and programs. These studies involved topics such as grant funded programs, evidence room inventory management and security, overtime and shift management, special revenue management and tracking, forfeiture and seizure practices, fiscal operations, case management systems, caseload management programs, case processing, courthouse security, bail assessment and tracking, and fine and fee structures. In our decade-long relationship with the California Judicial Council we were challenged with virtually every aspect of superior court operations at the local level as well as administration for the system overall. We conducted performance audits at 55 county superior courts that entailed all aspects of the “business” of justice delivery (juvenile dependency, family law, conservatorships, appeals, jury, court interpreters and reporters, caseload management, court operations, record management, and funding).
Planning and Development Services
Through the years, our team has engaged in several consulting and audit projects involving city planning and land use, permitting, proactive and reactive code enforcement, building inspection, community and specific plan development, long-range planning, permit processing, design review boards, building and safety, environmental reviews, multi-disciplinary and jurisdictional plan and permit review processes, development and inspection fee rate setting, design review committees, and the roles of neighborhood councils in land use issues.
Public Finance

Government entities at all of levels drive or rely on public financing programs to support operations, initiatives, and capital projects. Our projects range from reviewing state and local treasury operations, investment activities and bonding programs to assisting to implement cutting edge initiatives generating millions of carbon credit dollars with a goal to ensure public monies are appropriately used and safeguarded. Numerous projects tasked us to assess investment policies and activities, evaluate use of bond proceeds, develop tools to implement and manage loan guarantee programs, determine project fiscal viability, track funding streams, and monitor debt service throughout project life-cycles. Moreover, we offer expertise in assisting and evaluating finance and operations of quasi-governmental organizations such as JPAs, special districts, and foundations where we assisted in financial projections and rate setting, revenue generation, internal controls and fraud prevention, and public accountability.

Public Infrastructure and Capital Construction
We have a wide array of experience auditing and evaluating both capital improvement programs and capital projects. Our evaluations have assessed both program and project management and oversight practices throughout the full life cycle—planning, project selection and prioritization, and implementation, including the project pre-design, design, and construction phases. We have technical expertise in funding models, performance monitoring and reporting, change management, budget and cost control, environmental mitigation, financial reporting and tracking, and project delivery selection and contracting practices—including Design, Bid, Build (DBB); Design/Build (DB); Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC), also referred to as Construction Manager at Risk (CM@R); and Job Order Contracting (JOC). We have evaluated and audited the construction of:
  • Airports and Seaports
  • Transit Systems and Facilities
  • Arterials, Highways, Bridges, and Bike and Pedestrian Paths
  • Power Plants and Water Treatment Facilities and Pipelines
  • Emergency Services Facilities
  • Public Infrastructure
  • Zoos, Animal Shelters, Parks and Recreational Facilities
  • Multi-Purpose Facilities
  • Educational Facilities
Transportation and Transit

Our transportation and transit practice spans a wide range of industry areas including airports, ports, subways, freeways and infrastructure, and transit. Our projects involve a variety of aspects within these industries and range from small local government capital projects and bus operations to large-scale multi-billion dollar regional construction programs and implementation of multi-modal transit initiatives to port leases and airport terminals. Our work includes assessing results and public reporting on local and regional major capital projects including freeways, overpasses, bridges, arterials, roads, transit shelters, pedestrian and bike programs, and all modes of transit, transportation planning (RTA/RTP/STIP), as well as the operation of transportation and transit agencies from fare box recoveries to maintenance depots, administration of federal and state grants, accounting and building of terminals, operations of concessionaires and FBOs, and constructing subways. We offer experience at all levels of public sector transportation and transit business and administrative operations such as financing and accounting, federal and state grant management and compliance, environmental mitigation, procurement and contract management, and general program operations.

We have broad experience auditing and consulting with local government agencies relating to standard utility services, including sanitation (residential and commercial waste haulers, transfer stations, landfills, recycling and greenwaste); street cleaning; sewer and drainage; water and power utilities; cable and telephone franchise agreements; and public, educational, and government access television. These projects often included evaluations of rate-setting practices, operational efficiencies, billing and collection, revenue management, customer service, contract administration and compliance, enterprise business operations and self sustainability, and the equitable distribution of utility services to residents.