We offer unparalleled experience and expertise in program, management, and operational audit and evaluation services. Performance Audits generally strive to assess how effectively, efficiently, economically, ethically, and equitably programs and services are delivered and are conducted in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards.

Working on behalf of elected and appointed officials tasked with the responsibility to oversee government operations and ensure accountability in the use of government resources, Sjoberg Evashenk Consulting specializes in performing independent examinations of programs, functions, operations, or management of government and non-profit organizations. In conducting performance audits, our goal is to inform government leaders, elected officials, and the public on the successes and challenges of government programs and practices in meeting their goals and serving the public. As part of our performance audits and program evaluations we:

  • Assess the extent to which legislative, regulatory, or organizational goals and objectives are being met;
  • Benchmark and identify alternative and leading practices to improve performance and achieve results;
  • Evaluate the relative cost-effectiveness of a program or activity;
  • Measure whether programs produce their intended results;
  • Assess the efficacy of operations and/or programs;
  • Determine whether a program provides equitable access to or distribution of public resources;
  • Examine systems of internal controls to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse of public resources;
  • Evaluate whether government fees are reasonable and justifiable; and
  • Ensure the programs or operations comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Through performance audits and operational reviews, we provide independent and objective assessments of the business and services of government. We promote public accountability, transparency, and reliable, objective information to assist public leaders to more efficiently and effectively operate government.