Our History

Before beginning one of the leading management consulting firms for government entities two decades ago, Kurt Sjoberg and Marianne Evashenk built their expertise as State Auditor and Chief Deputy State Auditor, respectively, for the state of California. Though the pair envisioned opening their own consulting firm at various points during their 15-year leadership tenure with the State, the time finally felt right at the turn of the millennium with the California State Auditor’s Office highly-respected nationally and running smoothly.

The doors of Sjoberg Evashenk Consulting opened on January 4, 2000, with a small staff of six. From the first month, the firm delivered on-time, value-added, insightful performance audits, program evaluations, and management consulting services to state and local government entities across the western United States. By the end of the year the firm was thriving, and the ensuing 20 years saw the firm’s staff grow to 20 highly-trained professionals, each committed to the firm’s motto, “the equation for excellence.”

Sjoberg and Evashenk brought to their new firm the same dedication to quality service and value they had held as government officials, devoting the new venture to improving government operations, transparency, and accountability. With more than 70 years of combined expertise in government operations, the founders infused the firm with a deep understanding of the distinct challenges and unique environments of its more than 220 government clients and dozens of private sector clients who work with government entities. This perspective that quality and value mean providing relevant and practical recommendations has made Sjoberg Evashenk the go-to consulting company in the field.

Now 20 years in, Sjoberg Evashenk Consulting continues to strive to exceed client expectations by delivering timely, on-budget, superior products. The firm’s recommendations have generated not only efficiency and greater efficacy in government operations, but have also realized millions of dollars in increased revenues and reduced expenditures, and improved stakeholder services for the public entities it serves.

The team at Sjoberg Evashenk Consulting is proud of the work completed over the past 20 years, and looks forward to tackling future challenges with the same commitment to quality and value with which the firm began.

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